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What to do when your young adult series has the same title as comic porn: Be Sad, or Get ANGRY!

Bah! I uploaded my book onto Amazon tonight just to fine-tune everything before the launch on March 1st. My trophy husband went online to see if it was up yet, and found a whole series of manga porn entitled THE EXACT SAME THING!

Now, I’m mad:

1. I’m mad because it’s a horrible name for a porn series, and a perfect name for a young adult fantasy series. But some TERD had to make a porn with a perfectly innocent name.

2. I’m mad because I did not do enough homework. Sure, I googled the name when I first thought of it, but all I came across was the Perils of Penelope Pitstop, and the Perils of Pauline. Both shows btw! So I thought I was safe, but I didn’t check on the second page of Google. Always look on the second page of Google when researching names for books!

Now, I either have to change the title so my fantasy series isn’t mixed up with the 70s version of 50 Shades of Gray in comic book form, or else I will just come up with a subtitle.

Any suggestions? Change title, or add a subtitle?

On a lighter note, here is the final (I may have to change the title) cover:


Thank you for all the helpful comments everyone!

Songs to Write To

As I progress in learning how to write, and doing so more frequently I know that I write much better when writing to music. The music I listen to greatly impacts how I create and what I create. I listen to a Pandora station titled, “Misty Mountain Radio.” The main song is the song the dwarves sing in Bilbo Baggin’s house in the first Hobbit. Here’s a link in case you aren’t familiar: Misty Mountains

That station is chock full of inspiring songs to listen to while writing an epic fantasy, or what I’m thinking is going to be an epic fantasy. Here’s some other music that pops up on that station:

Theme from “The Game of Thrones” Inspiration for writing about fantastical worlds

Here’s a video of the TGOT Season 1 Soundtrack Wow!

The composer Ramin Djawadi is so incredibly talented.

Folk music often pops up n my “Misty Mountains” Pandora station.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Parting Glass sung by The Wailin’ Jennys Inspiration for writing about strong emotions

“Louisa” by Judith Zweiman and Ben Silver Inspiration for writing about wild women

“Dulaman” Celtic Woman Inspiration for writing about fairies

“Warrior” The Wyrd Sisters Inspiration for writing about strong women

“Follow Me” One Golden Hill by The Finches Inspiration for writing about creepy children beckoning you into the woods.

And Finally:

“Wolf” By First Aid Kit For everything else.

First Aid Kit Wolf

Happy Listening! I’m curious, any more recommendations for music to listen to while the creative juices are flowing?

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