Archive From Old Blog: January 2015

Countdown to Book Launch

YAY! Just writing the title to this post got me so excited! I’m in the final stretch, but I’m having a hard time picking which book cover to use.

Genre: Fantasy/Alternative History

Audience:10-14 year olds

Here’s the Back Cover Copy:

1926- Edinburgh, Scotland: 13 year-old Penelope Collins and her father are the only ones who remember the folk and fairy tales of the world. Resigned to live in isolation, Penelope’s life changes for adventure when an enchanted fox invites her to visit the Isle of Scealta where stories are created and where she must go to bring the tales she loves so well back to the Realm of Men.

Cover #1:

Red Cover

Cover #2:

B:W Cover

Cover #3:

Combo Cover

If you could help me decide which one that would be fantastic! I’m leaning towards one in particular, and I’m curious to see if anyone else is drawn to it. The following books in the series will have the same type of cover as the one that gets the most votes! Please comment below with your favorite. 🙂

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