The Story Weaver: Penelope’s Perils

The Story Weaver: Penelope’s Perils Cover Image

It’s here! The first book is done and it is out there. The complete book is available in paperback on Amazon, and it is beautiful!

Some of you may remember that last summer I released  an excerpt of The Story Weaver: Penelope’s Perils. For those of you who bought and read the excerpt and encouraged me, thank you so much. I apologize for not releasing the rest of the book. Last year was one of the hardest years for me, and creating my book took a back seat. I’m not writing this as an excuse. I’m sharing with you because I have a feeling that we all have dreams that get put on hold for… I want to say real life, but I won’t because dreams and ambitions are real life too… so I will say more urgent life.

My “more urgent” last year was being there for my husband. In college he suffered from a traumatic brain injury, and last year he started zoning out, seeing things that weren’t there, and missing out on blocks of time. He was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy. Problem solved, or so we thought, but the medications for epilepsy turned out to have worse side-effects than just having epilepsy. Thank God that after many months of experimenting he is back to himself. We are lucky that we only had to go through that for a few months as opposed to years, like some people I’ve met.

So there you have it, sometimes life makes us excuse ourselves from our dreams for awhile. Health and family and jobs and finances are all very important, and if this is you right now I feel for you. I’m rooting for you! Do what you need to do, but don’t forget your dreams.

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 Penelope Exploring Pan’s Meadow
Queen Aschenputtel contemplating what to do with Penelope.

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  1. You are amazing and inspiring! I can’t even get my short story done, let alone actually finish a book! Big congrats on having a published book!


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