The Gospel According to Love

We have made God in our own image

An Idol.

We have placed Him on a pedestal

Wrapped Him in an American flag

And told Him to kill all the Amalekites

We made a deity in the image of Zeus

Of Hermes, of Apollo

Forgetting that

Before the Greeks we love so much

The Great I Am inhabited a flame

In a bush.

Whispered on a breeze

Formed a pillar of cloud and led Her children to freedom

The words we use to describe the Great I Am

Create the God we worship

The God we worship determines what we find worthy

It is time to topple our idol of patriarchy

He died when Zeus died.

We have to believe the Divine’s representative on earth

When He said – God is Love

Love is God.

Farmer Jesus used dirt to heal

Water to free, breath to transmute

The Divine breathed into a lump of clay and sparked humanity

She is begging us to change our minds

To tend Her garden.

To love His children.

For Love so loved the world

Love sent Love into the world

And we killed Him.

Love does not stay dead

For as soon as hatred consumes Love, hatred consumes itself

There is no life where there is not Love

God knew what She was doing

When He sparked life in the primordial lump of dirt

Creating us in their image

All of humanity bestowed with the power that created the worlds


What would happen if instead of killing Him when He tells us we carry the mitochondria of God,

We believed Him?

Stock Image Courtesy of Deviant Art – By Anodyne-stock


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