Undomesticating Myself

To domesticate refers to a process of time.

A time of turning wild things: animals, plants, people into

Something else.

Something who’s worth is defined by the domesticator.

Something that cannot –

Tend to self.

Care for self.

Think for self.

We’ve domesticated animals and plants, but we too,

Are domesticated.


From birth we’ve navigated hundreds of systems.

Family systems.

Religious systems.

Education systems.

Healthcare systems.

Government systems.

Capitalist systems.

Societal systems.

Cultural systems.


Each one forming our behavior.

A slow drip – eroding our marrow.

Our essence wrung out like a dish cloth.

Our inner being wiped clean.

Our sense of self pummeled.

Our soul negated.


But I am.

I am reclaiming my essence.

One step at a time.

I am changing my mind about myself.


I am waving my essence like a flag.

I am restoring my inner being.

I am nurturing my sense of self.

I am plumping my soul with joy.


My friend,

Let us do this together.

Let us rewrite the future.

By being here now.

Untethering our souls

From the systems that feed on our depletion.

I can do it.

So can you.



Stock Image: https://www.deviantart.com/art/enlighted-meadow-3-280277379

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