Harrier Bogbean He followed with care behind the girl and the horseman when the pelting of rocks sent him spinning towards the earth. Confused, he rolled into a tight ball and somersaulted under a thick bush. He lifted his camera with delicacy and smiled in relief to see it unharmed. Peering around the branches,... Continue Reading →

Allerleirauh It wasn’t difficult to fall away from the queen and her soldiers. She knew that no one would think to look back for her. Dri-fa proved to be her sole friend among the guards. Everyone else gave her a wide berth, and they would probably be relieved if they noticed her missing. She knew... Continue Reading →

Allerleirauh She peered out from under her wolf-hood. The room pulsed with the heartbeats of all who lay there. One beat quicker than the others, and she smelled the fear ruminating off of the girl the queen picked up on the road. She watched Penny sneak a look at a canvas map and then stuff... Continue Reading →

Penelope The horse trotted along a path created by much smaller animals. They followed a game trail now, not an official road. She wondered if this path would be on Pan’s map. Probably not, she thought, and wanted to cry. The idea of being taken off the road that Pan had set her on made... Continue Reading →

In which Penelope meets Queen Aschenputtel and realizes that there is more to this isle than she realized.

Harrier Bogbean   He chided himself for pestering Mrs. Kendrick so long. He barely snapped a photo of Penelope before she went through the window. “If I had waited a half a second longer, I’m sure I’d have the only photo of a human passing through a closed window!” He said and gnashed his teeth... Continue Reading →

In which Penelope meets a talking fox and chooses her adventure.

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