Harrier Bogbean   He chided himself for pestering Mrs. Kendrick so long. He barely snapped a photo of Penelope before she went through the window. “If I had waited a half a second longer, I’m sure I’d have the only photo of a human passing through a closed window!” He said and gnashed his teeth... Continue Reading →

In which Penelope meets a talking fox and chooses her adventure.

In which we meet Penelope Collins in Edinburgh, Scotland and the invisible sprite who documents her journey.

Undomesticating Myself

To domesticate refers to a process of time. A time of turning wild things: animals, plants, people into Something else. Something who's worth is defined by the domesticator. Something that cannot - Tend to self. Care for self. Think for self. We’ve domesticated animals and plants, but we too, Are domesticated.   From birth we’ve... Continue Reading →

The Gospel According to Love

We have made God in our own image An Idol. We have placed Him on a pedestal Wrapped Him in an American flag And told Him to kill all the Amalekites We made a deity in the image of Zeus Of Hermes, of Apollo Forgetting that Before the Greeks we love so much The Great... Continue Reading →

Archive From Old Blog: January 2015

Countdown to Book Launch Posted on January 27, 2015 9 YAY! Just writing the title to this post got me so excited! I’m in the final stretch, but I’m having a hard time picking which book cover to use. Genre: Fantasy/Alternative History Audience:10-14 year olds Here’s the Back Cover Copy: 1926- Edinburgh, Scotland: 13 year-old Penelope Collins... Continue Reading →

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